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Karina Bik

Monochromatic looks

Influencer Karina Bik effortlessly blends Parisian chic with New York's laid-back charm, creating a style that's uniquely her own. Whether she's dressing casual or dazzling in something elegant, Karina inspires her hundreds and thousands of followers with her impeccable taste. We sat down with Karina to chat about her daily routine as a business owner, how she keeps herself grounded, and how her style keeps evolving. 

Karina is wearing Ribbed Long Sleeve Tee

How would you describe your personal style? 

I would describe it as elegant, but with an edge; my look evolves from season to season, but I tend to opt for more minimal outfits that combine Parisian chic with New York effortlessness. 

What are the core pieces you reach for again and again? 

I’ve noticed that classic black and white pieces get the most usage in my wardrobe – I like black straight midi skirts, wide black denim, white button down shirts, oversized black blazers, tuxedo suits, schoolboy cropped blazers, leather moto jackets, and maxi bodycon dresses, among many others. 

What is your daily uniform? 

I attend events in New York daily, so my evening style is very different from my daytime outfits. During the day, I typically choose super relaxed looks – comfy jeans, sweatshirts, sneakers and baseball hats. At night, it’s almost the polar opposite, haha – I opt for polished, elegant looks with classic pant suits, open back gowns, tweed jackets, leather pieces, and loads of jewelry. I’m obsessed with jewelry :)

How do you balance work and your personal life? 

I run my own company, so honestly the work just never ends :) But I have a few weekly rituals that I never miss to keep me grounded – my Iyengar yoga classes, massage therapy, cooking healthy stir frys in a wok, and watching Netflix with my husband!

What is your favorite Goldie Tee and how do you style it? 

Definitely the Ribbed Long Sleeve Tee  in grey. I love the grey, monochromatic look with wine red accessories, or with biker shorts and leather jacket for a very relaxed LA look.

Follow along on more of Karina’s adventures on her Instagram and Website


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