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Sophie Axelson


From fashion marketer to pilates studio owner to successful content creator, Sophie Axelson wears many hats – and she wears them all fabulously! With a love for fashion and a thirst for adventure, Sophie gives us a look into her inner world. We chat about style inspiration, her must-have Goldie pieces, and more. 

Sophie is wearing the Organic Long Sleeve Tee

How would you describe your personal style? 

I would describe my personal style as minimal with a 90's flare. I only wear items that make me feel confident and timeless - I rarely am in a "trendy" piece! When I shop, I only buy things I know I'll wear often.

What are the core pieces you reach for again and again? 

My core items I wear on rotation are: blue jeans, white t-shirts, oversized sweaters, blazers, boxer shorts, and loafers or sneakers!

What is your daily uniform? 

I can most often be found wearing high rise baggy denim paired with my favorite white t-shirts and an oversized blazer. 

Sophie is wearing the Organic Long Sleeve Tee

How do you balance work and your personal life? 

I make it a priority to fit in time for myself and for the people I love most. I schedule in time to get outside every single day, and I love to make plans with my close circle - even if it's just a coffee or a walk!

What is your favorite Goldie Tee and how do you style it? 

My favorite Goldie Tee is my classic white long sleeve tee - it's pairs perfectly with any pair of denim or trouser, to make for a classy clean look!

Please share a small bio and any links you’d you like to have featured with your profile 

I am a fashion marketer + pilates studio owner in Los Angeles. I love sharing my daily outfits and creating content!

instagram: @sophieaxelson

Follow along on more of Sophie’s adventures on her Instagram and Tiktok

Sophie is wearing the Ribbed Cardigan


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