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Daleet Spector

Creating Beauty Inside and Out

California native, Daleet Spector has garnered a reputation in LA as an interior designer.  Her spaces effortlessly combine comfort, functionality, and beauty. Along the way, she turned to yoga for a torn shoulder and discovered a passion for the practice, and became a teacher herself. This practice led to immense physical and emotional well being as well as a new perspective on graceful aging. Many turn to her for her wisdom and insight on how to live a beautiful life, on the inside and out. 

Daleet is wearing the Double Ruffle Shell

How would you describe your personal style?

My personal style is a combination of relaxed, classic, and feminine. Day to day, you’ll typically find me in jeans and tee shirts, and at night I may throw on a tailored blazer to go to dinner. I also love feminine dresses and delicate accents like ruffled sleeves, especially when combined with contrasting pieces like boyfriend jeans or motorcycle boots. I do appreciate beautiful craftsmanship and attention to detail in clothing.

What is your philosophy on design and creating beautiful spaces?

I believe spaces should combine comfort, functionality, and beauty. My work is uncomplicated yet detailed, thoughtful, and alive. There’s a laid-back order to the spaces I design. I focus on architectural elements like space planning and remodeling, ensuring function and decor are equally considered. I have a distinct visual style, but my work is not repetitive because I incorporate each client’s unique point of view into every project. Having two children of my own, I understand firsthand the desire for spaces that function well for kids but are sophisticated enough for adults.

Daleet is wearing the Dree Muscle Tee

How has yoga changed your life?

Yoga has changed my life in so many ways. What brought me to yoga originally was a tear in my shoulder, and I wanted to avoid surgery. What kept me coming back was the mental benefit I discovered, primarily the way it helps me with anxiety. The breathwork practices, the physical practice, and yoga philosophy have also helped me become more present in the moment and let go of the need to constantly achieve a goal. In doing so, I’m able to feel more grateful and self-accepting and let go of perfectionism and self-judgment. By taking care of myself through yoga, I am better able to take care of those around me.

What is your favorite Goldie Tee, and how do you style it?

I love the Celeste Ruffle Sleeve Tee. Of course, it’s super comfortable and has just the right amount of detail in the sleeves and is perfectly tailored to skim the body. It’s versatile and looks great with both hi-waisted jeans or my drop-waist carpenter jeans too.

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