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Barrett Prendergast

Savoring the Season

We had the pleasure of speaking with Barrett Prendergast, a mother, chef, and the visionary and founder behind Valleybrink Road—a renowned luxury gifting company that has been featured in prestigious publications like Martha Stewart, Food & Wine, and many more. Join us as Barrett shares her insights on discovering and nurturing the balance of her life.

How do you balance motherhood and running a business? 

I have found it helpful to let go of this idea of balance. Some days my kids get more of me, and on others my business does. But, I have also, with age and experience, learned to create boundaries for myself and not feel bad or anxious about them. I no longer return work emails or calls on the weekends or let myself get pulled away when I am having dinner or bath time with my kids. For many years I was SO available to clients and it just wasn’t a healthy precedent to set. Returning an email two minutes after I receive it is no longer the priority, spending time with and truly being present with my kids is. It is all going by so fast and my boys already feel so big to me, I don’t want to miss a thing.

Barrett is wearing the Petal Trim Scoop Neck Tee

What are some of your favorite simple go-to recipes? 

Spring and summer are my absolute favorite times of the year, as the produce is just so unbelievable in Los Angeles. We really are spoiled. I have been making this kale sauce recipe and the entire family is addicted, and of course, basil pesto is now in rotation again because the basil is back! I guess it is just lots of pasta over here!

What is your favorite Goldie Tee and how do you style it? 

I live in the Signature Slub Boy Tees. They are the perfect basic to wear with jeans or sweats. Such a great fit and super soft. They also layer well under sweaters and sweatshirts when it gets a bit cooler. 

What practices keep you grounded as a mother? 

For me, surrounding myself with women who truly see me and are supportive no matter what has been my saving grace. Having someone you can call and vent to, go for a walk with, and laugh with until your tummy hurts is what keeps me grounded. I need this connection. The past few years there has been a real clearing out of certain friendships that weren’t healthy and really putting time and energy towards women in my life that fill my cup and bring me joy.

Follow along on more of Barrett’s adventures on her website and Instagram


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