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Jessica Manning

Style Philosophy

It takes years to develop style, and we all do it differently. Part of the Goldie philosophy is to simplify and invest in pieces that last and feel great. Influencer Jessica Manning shares a bit of her own philosophy on style. 

Jessica is wearing the Organic Boy Tee

What do you love about essentials and/or a basic white tee?

I think wardrobe staples like a classic white tee are essential for a versatile and sustainably minded wardrobe. A basic white tee is simple yet powerful in putting together endless combinations with all the other items in your closet. Wardrobe essentials are like that friend you can always count on.

Jessica is wearing the Variegated Rib Tank

What's your fashion philosophy? 

Wear what makes you feel like YOU, and don't worry about current popular trends. I always feel my best when I come back to what I love, regardless of the trend cycle. 

Sophie is wearing the Ribbed Cardigan

How do you know when your outfit is put together, and you're ready to go out?

It totally depends. Some days when I'm getting ready, I feel like I nail it right away, and other days I feel off and like I can't find a combination of things that feel good. On those days, I typically come back to a good pair of jeans or trousers, a basic tank or tee, and a cool jacket or blazer. Also, I never underestimate the power of accessories. Sometimes the whole look comes together in the final details of jewelry, sunglasses, or a handbag.

Born in Stockholm, raised in Minneapolis, and currently based in Los Angeles, Jessica Manning is a content creator focusing on slow living and intentionality. Her work centers around lifestyle, beauty, food, wellness, interiors, etc. Sharing these aspects of her life and creativity through photo and video work while taking special interest in the simple moment in between.


Jessica is wearing the 3/4 Polo Sleeve Tee


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