March 6, 2023

How it Feels

Wearing clothes is not just a daily necessity, but has the ability to transform our relationship with ourselves and the world around us. At Goldie, whether it’s the clothes we wear or how we connect with ourselves, we care about How it Feels. 

As a sustainable clothing brand, we’re committed to producing the highest quality threads you’ll want to wear every day and also highlighting the inspirational stories about the women who choose to wear us. 

Soeuraya is wearing the Long Sleeve Variegated Rib Tee

What’s your journey around self-worth? 

“We are all deserving of the things we are willing to work towards. Worth comes no matter what.” - Soeuraya Wilson, Teacher from the Class 

How are you feeling right now in your body? 

A tool my therapist gifted me that I now encourage my clients to practice is to look into the mirror and recite, “everything I see, I accept unconditionally.” This ritual has truly transformed my relationship with my body and has helped me be more gentle with myself in the mirror. - Pixie Acia, Teacher from the Class

Pixie is wearing the Color Pop V Neck Raglan Tee

Eunice is wearing the Double Ruffle Shell

Where are you in your self-worth journey? 

“I think self-worth is a life journey — it is part of the human experience.” - Eunice Nalhani Anandha, Healing Practitioner & Guide

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