January 13, 2023

Stylist of the Month

Alexandria Montague

No one can put an outfit together quite like a stylist can. They are artists and visionaries for shape and style. We had the pleasure of working with Alexandria Montague, a stylist based out of LA, for a recent shoot. 

What's your philosophy on fashion? 

My philosophy on fashion is to dress how you feel. I personally don’t follow trends or fads; my wardrobe is full of timeless, classic pieces that can represent whatever my mood is that day. I encourage my clients to fill their closets with the same. Our clothes are so representative of who we are and how we feel! 

How would you describe your personal style?

Does roll out of the bed count? :). I love vintage, specifically 60s/70s and 90s. I have a pair of classic Dr. Marten boots I wear almost daily that I’ve had since I was 15. I don’t really wear jewelry besides gold hoops and a tiny little chain I never take off. I like simple for daily wear and wild statement pieces for nights out. My style is really all over the place but as I described above- I dress to match how I feel. 

Alexandria Montauge is wearing the Signature Slub Long Sleeve Boy Tee

Alexandria Montauge is wearing the Signature Slub Long Sleeve Boy Tee

What are the essential pieces you must have in your closet? 

My previously mentioned docs. 90s Alaia trousers. A collection of great tees. Babydoll dresses. Ruffle socks. XXL men’s hoodies. Pleated mini skirt. Classic vintage Levi’s that fit like a glove. Vintage men’s button downs with interesting patterns. Silk slip dresses- particularly 90s Victoria’s secret pieces. Prairie dresses. Gold hoops. 

What's your favorite Goldie tee? 

I love the boyfriend tee because it’s effortless cool and easy to pair with anything else in the closet. 

How do you style your Goldie? 

Goldie is great because you can take the tees many different directions- simple with jeans, dressed up with vintage trousers, tucked in to a cute pleated skirt- that’s what I love about classic pieces. They’re very versatile and easy to style. 

Alex is an LA based stylist who has worked with Quannah Chasinghorse, Lennon Stella, Zella Day, Natalie Bergman, OPN and many more. She loves vintage clothes, the ocean, world music and hanging with her son Townes.



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