April 19, 2023

Honoring the Earth

Shiva Rose

Not everyone can make beauty, fashion, and eco-lifestyle effortless, but somehow Shiva Rose pulls it off. Former actress, now the owner of Shiva Rose Beauty, she has always been on the leading edge of the beauty and wellness world. We sat down with our earth day muse to talk about all the things that inspire Shiva’s beautiful life. 

What is your style philosophy?

My style philosophy has shifted so much as I’ve grown older and moved to rural Texas. I’m more inspired to dress for our ranch environment in Levi’s, cowboy boots, and vintage tops. I have come to see that these cowgirl accessories are actually a necessity and not a fashion statement. The cowboy hat and boots actually protect you from the wild terrain. 

I also am very sensitive to chemicals in clothes, which is why I prefer more organic fabrics. I also try to eat organically and use non-toxic beauty products, and I try to make sure my clothing is somewhat “clean”. 

Shiva is wearing the Long Sleeve Variegated Rib Tee

Shiva is wearing the Long Sleeve Variegated Rib Tee

Tell us about Shiva Rose Beauty. What is it and how did it start?

Shiva Rose Beauty was started a decade ago to bring nontoxic beauty that is elegant and powerful to women. I like to think of our beauty routines as rituals to fill our emotional cups. I have healed from many autoimmune issues, and part of that process was using clean beauty. 

What wisdom do you hope to instill with your offerings?

I feel when we use beautiful botanicals, and nourishing oils, we can support our skin rather than strip it. 

What daily rituals make you feel your best? 

I practice tea ceremony every morning. I sit in meditation with the leaf as Dawn shines its light. I then will do a kundalini set with breath and stretches. 

Do you have any exciting upcoming projects or offerings we can share with our community?

I have a few beauty products coming soon in my line and a course on how to access our inner courtesans. The courses are online chapters that are easy to follow. The Moon and I was my last course on how to connect to the moon and all her phases to make our lives even more fluid and intuitive. 

How do you live your life in harmony with Mother Nature? 

Ever since I was a child I could feel the deep roots of trees and magic beneath our feet in the earth and all around. Back in 2009, when my life broke open, I decided to live closer in harmony with the earth and her treasures. Some of the most impactful choices included: growing our own food, honoring the seasons, and creating my own nontoxic skin care. 

What tips would you have for our community on how to live similarly? 

I feel the earth's health is a direct reflection of our health. There are many opportunities to honor your health and align with mother nature such as; eating organically and shopping at local farmers markets, shopping sustainability at companies like Goldie Tees and vintage clothing shops, and clearing out beauty items that have toxic chemicals.



Shiva is wearing the Long Sleeve Variegated Rib Tee

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