January 11, 2023

Book Club 

Bianca Alatorre

Goldie Girls are known for their love of mind expanding novels that take them away on a journey. Each month one of our Goldie Girls will be sharing some of their favorite reads. We hope you’ll pick up a copy and find yourself on an adventure in your mind. 

Bianca Alatorre is a singer and musician from Los Angeles. You can listen to her music here

Jessica is wearing the Variegated Rib Henley and Bianca is wearing the Organic Boy Tee

Bianca is wearing the Variegated Rib Henley

Ask the Dust - John Fante

The main character, Arturo Bandini, really represents and embodies the full spectrum of an artist’s experience in Los Angeles; all the self-confidence and self deprecation that makes up the human experience. It gives one of the greatest historical documents of the bygone era of LA, when LA was boundless. Being from here, I’ve gotten to see the remnants of that time. The picture that is painted in this book is otherworldly and home all at once.

The collected poems of Tennessee Williams

I love Tennessee Williams and his command of language. He’s played a formative role in how I approach my own storytelling through song, using characters as central narrators. 

Bianca is wearing the Long Sleeve Rainbow Stitch Tee

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